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好消息! 3P 論壇會員申請Citibank八達通信用卡可獲$250八達通現金 (只限香港地區會員)

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3P 論壇  會員由即日起透過以下連結申請八達通Citibank信用卡,有機會獲贈豐富奬賞:

> 按此申請 : 八達通Citibank 白金卡

> 按此申請 : 八達通Citibank 金卡

-迎新及簽賬獎賞: HK$250八達通現金
- 21信用卡碌得又嘟得


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我想知信用卡要how old先拿得?????????????????????????????/
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served as the Tang Town

Huang Suli Xinyu News newspaper, reporter He Qi reported: Nanchang City Xihu District district Party committee member, committee secretary Du Jiangtao on trial in Xinyu. 21, Xinyu City Intermediate People's court sentenced Du Jiangtao to 7 years in prison,hollister france, and confiscation of personal property of 200000 yuan,air jordan. Accomplice, served as the Tang Town, assistance and protection of tax office director, assistant of mayor Weng Xixiang was sentenced to 6 years and 6 months,louboutin, and confiscation of personal property of 50000 yuan,abercrombie.
's tenure, Du Jiangtao alone or together with others to accept bribes totaling 3860000 yuan,hollister, HK $10000,beats by dre; Weng Xixiang alone or together with others to accept bribes totaling 902400 yuan,hollister france. Because Du Jiangtao has the voluntary surrender and meritorious performance,hollister, the back up all the money,hollister; Weng Xixiang also have surrendered plot,abercrombie uk, and returned all the money. Xinyu city intermediate court that, Du Jiangtao and Weng Xixiang's actions constituted the crime of bribery,beats by dre uk, then according to the facts of the crime and the sentencing,air jordan pas cher, verdict.
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news (reporter Liu Yun) on February 3rd, in Fujian Quanzhou working Zhu Meijiao set foot on the train home. She is 45 years old in Hubei province Yangxin County Prince Town, currently working in a garment factory in Quanzhou. This time have the Spring Festival, she took home 10000 yuan. In order to ensure the safety, she took a year to save money with the silk stockings up, tied to the waist, always with me. But when the train toilet, money from the toilet hole out.
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