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誤譯:We must strengthen safety work in and around school。

正譯:We must strengthen security work in and around school。

解釋:safety 的意思是the state of being protected from danger and harm,強調的是「安全狀態」。security 的意思是the activities involved in protecting a country, building or person against attack, danger, etc,強調的是「保衛安全的活動或措施」。通過搜索,發現strengthen security work有4千多條結果,其中3千多條來自國外網頁,而strengthen safety work僅有4條結果,其中2條來自國外網頁。這句話的「安全工作」有採取安全措施的含義,譯成strengthen security work較合適。

「安全」的第一個意思是「沒有危險」或「不受威脅」。英語名詞可以譯為safety, security;形容詞可以譯為 safe, secure。例如:

1.所有學校領導不論何時都應把學生的安全放在首位。All school authorities should always put the safety of their students in the first place。

2. 政府已採取有效措施維護校園安全。The government has adopted effective measures to maintain school safety。

3. 聯合國安全理事會負有維持國際和平與安全的責任。The United Nations Security Council is charged with the maintenance of international peace and security。

4. 有了社會安定,百姓才有安全感。With social stability, ordinary people will have a sense of security。

5. 我們的職責是為學生、教員、職員和校園來訪者提供安全的環境。Our mission is to provide a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff and campus visitors。


6. 這些小學生安全地穿過了馬路。These primary school children crossed the road in safety。

7. 這架飛機在大霧中安全著陸。The plane made a safe landing in heavy fog。


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