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[英語歌曲教唱] 心中的聖誕願望...你許下了嗎?

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本帖最後由 imhsin 於 2010-12-8 15:32 編輯

哪個人不愛掛滿(hang up)禮物的聖誕樹、唱聖誕歌曲、收到滿滿的聖誕祝福卡片和禮物呢?
特別是在平安夜裡興奮得睡不著覺,等待聖誕老公公(Santa Claus)裝進紅襪子的禮物!
你是否也是不相信聖誕老人的小孩們嗎?還是心中仍存有一絲童心(childlike excitement)與夢想?
take on the Polar Express and Listen to thesoundtrack and learn English!

When Christmas Comes to Town

I'm wishing on a star
And trying to believe
That even though it's far
He'll find me Christmas Eve

I guess that Santa's busy
Cause he's
never come around
I think of him
When Christmas Comes to Town

The best time of the year
When everyone comes home
With all this Christmas cheer

It's hard to be alone

Putting up the Christmas tree
With friends who come around
It's so much
fun When Christmas Comes to Town

Presents for the children
Wrapped in red and green
All the things I've heard about
never really seen

No one will be sleeping on
The night of Christmas Eve
Hoping Santa's on his way

Santa's sleigh bells ring
I listen all around

The herald angels sing
never hear a sound

And all the dreams of children
Once lost will all be found
That's all I want
When Christmas Comes to Town....

上網搜尋[Hello ABC英語學習網]看看吧?

聽完這首歌後~不知道大家的聖誕願望是什麼? 許好了嗎?
我想我今年的聖誕願望是 考試大勝!!!

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