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Use a branded Mascara as other can harm your eyelashes. 3.

bsp;   Clean your eyelashes and make them dry properly.
2.       Use a branded Mascara as other can harm your eyelashes.
3.       Comb out your lashes either with your fingers,/viewthread.php?tid=197325&pid=214301&page=1&extra=page%3D1#pid214301,barbour jackets sale, a clean mascara wand,barbour jacket sale,?NewsID=15427, eyelash comb,?mod=viewthread&tid=1551845&pid=2655146&page=1&extra=page=1#pid2655146,longchamp bags, or toothbrush.
4.       Apply a coat of mascara to the eyelashes.
5.       Hold the mascara wand parallel with your eyelid.
6.       Look in the upward direction and move the mascara slowly to the tip of the lashes.
7.       Apply mascara in rolling movement so that to separate eye lashes easily.
8.       Wait for the some to make the mascara to be dried.
9.       Apply second coat of mascara.
10.   Warm your fingers by rubbing them together and push the eyelashes up with the tips of your fingers.
11.   Warm your fingers time by time because as much as it is warm it will give better curl.
12.   You can use hot water to make your fingers warm.
13.   Hold your fingers against your eyelashes for about 15-30 seconds.
14.   Repeat the process until you get your desired
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