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It has been a remarkably bad week for the diminishing band of British supporter

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,Watching the Downing Street juggernaut crushing the credibility out of Mrs Prat

It has been a remarkably bad week for the diminishing band of British supporters of the European Union. A YouGov poll which showed that 46 percent of Britons would vote to quit the EU if a referendum were held today, with just 35 percent declaring they would stay in. In addition 53 percent of respondents expressed doubts about the prospects for Britain successfully renegotiating its relationship with the European Union. At the same time,Pakistan's anger at David Cameron and his are getting great play ahead of presi, a series of Tory grandees, notably Nigel Lawson, Norman Lamont and Michael Portillo,statute which set up these trans-national parties in the fi, have all called for Britain to leave the European Union, a sentiment that Margaret Thatcher held for many years before her death. And today that if Britain leaves the EU, it will be “a shot in the arm” for British democracy, “because people would suddenly feel, yes, we are running our own destiny again, our politics is entirely independent, British electors can choose the people who are taking decisions
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