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South Korean actor Kim Hong Chuan Han Chao dress elegant and debut release-spun2

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Not too long ago, the South Korean actor Kim very first solo concert held in Hong Kong and held a reporter just before the concert reception. Kim Han Chao dressed in black dress,beats by dre cheap, attended the reception, hands, neck are hung wearing metal accessories, cool air is pressing. Described the evening concert, Kim mentioned it can be in the concert cook to repay the fans enthusiasm. South Korean actor Kim Hong Chuan Han Chao dress elegant and debut release in Hong Kong, Korean actor Kim Han Chao Chuan sophisticated and gold dress debut release debut in handsome charm receptions, a plain black T-shirt ride wool woolen vest program , the subsequent ride black slacks and relatively easy high-top footwear, and after that with some metal accessories,Cheap Beats By Dr Dre Beats Headphones With ControlTalk Purple, the overall shape both were straightforward and sophisticated, but in addition highlight the trend of style, hair dyeing and more persons feel blue Korean wave struck, cool air pressing .

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