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LIBOLON launch light casual outdoor fabrics-spun1

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In the recent Seventh Asia Outside Show, waterproof, windproof and cold touch of functional outdoor clothes fabrics exhibition concept has attracted the interest of people that, when possessing the above properties is to turn out to be far more environmentally friendly fabrics market competing hot pursuit. Taiwans chemical fiber enterprises LIBOLON the business to "light leisure" as the notion of environmental protection has launched a series of functional fabrics, full interpretation in the environment-friendly and sustainable development of your product idea, the corporation created Ecoya green dyed fibers Nylon ATY series so features a quick-drying fabric in other outside clothes fabrics feature whereas both "green" features. As opposed to functional fabrics, Ecoya fabric goods within the production process drastically reduces the waste emissions. In the dyeing approach to lessen 60% to 80% of water, carbon dioxide emissions and chemical usage. In the very same time, Ecoya Nylon ATY series combines the cotton fiber and chemical fiber advantages, with imitation cotton really feel and moisture management characteristics. The exhibition, devoted for the environmental field LIBOLON firm launched a product can demonstrate completely different characteristics of your "beach", "travel",north face sale, "golf", "will" and "backpack & rdquo ; five series of brightly colored spring and summer clothing and backpacks. Models dressed in imitation of tannins, such as double-sided houndstooth woven imitation soft cotton fabric and other clothes, with stiff bright backpack great fashion sense. It is worth mentioning that the "city" series used Ecoya Nylon ATY fabric adds a refreshing energy solutions yarn, texture, light and includes a smooth really feel, suitable for men and women dress shirt fabric. Ecoya Melange is the focus of this season, using different yarns are woven fabrics, can be presented as a special wave-like colors, and produces two distinct elegance and rough texture. Using this fabric backpack with the general section in the package, compared with not fade, wear and more environmentally friendly benefits. Sales representative,the north face uk, said LIBOLON in environmentally conscious solution improvement approach and innovation, but also pay attention to quality. Ecoya fibers through laboratory certification, providing superior than the average textile light fastness, water fastness, water fastness. It is understood that LIBOLON force Korea Taiwan Group Enterprise Integration in 2007, polyester, nylon, two major areas of business. Our products across nylon, polyester polymer field-level engineering and textile goods cover grade polymer materials, and with polymerization, spinning, weaving, dyeing and post-processing capabilities.
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