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[BT] [荷兰][动作][银色鞋子[HD-MP4/1.6G][英语]

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◎译  名 银色鞋子/银鞋
◎片  名 Silver Shoes
◎年  代 2015
◎产  地 荷兰
◎类  别 剧情
◎语  言 英语
◎上映日期 2015-01-13(英国)
◎片  长 73分钟
◎导  演 Jennifer Lyon Bell
◎主  演 Liandra Dahl
      Annabelle Lee
      Joost Smoss
◎简  介
  This award-winning explicit erotic trilogy intertwines three short stories about the carnal power of what we wear. Fun, bittersweet, surprising, and intimate, the stories may or may not be connected. It's up to you to decide. In Undressed, delicate Liandra is hiding a secret tough masculine side. In The Housesitter, lonely young AnnaBelle has a surprisingly intense reaction to what she finds in the owner's closet. And in Mimosa, Liandra hosts a brunch party and meets Joost, a handsome man with fabulous shiny pants.


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