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[免空] [姐姐妹妹][1080P.HD-MP4/1.5GB][中字][越南給力劇情]

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Sister Sister (2019)
Released: 18 Dec 2019
Runtime: 103 Mins
Genre: Drama Thriller Romance Countries: Vietnam Languages: Vietnamese
Directed By: Kathy Uyen
Actors: Thanh Hằng Chi Pu Lãnh Thanh Kathy Uyen
Internal:  English

Alternate Titles: chị chị em em 사랑하는 언니에게 은밀한 sisters chi chi em em

This is a psychological film exploring the love story revolving around two beautiful women – Thien Kim and Bao Nhi. Face to face in a game where only one person wins, when the happiness of a small home is about to be swept away by a storm, who will fiercely fight for what they want and who will resign to keep peaceful?

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